Presented by The Reading Room HTX

For TRR’s first SALON gathering, we’re discussing the global impact of Beyoncé’s RENAISSANCE era. Ahead of the highly anticipated film premiere, we’ll unpack the albums historical and pop-cultural references, the tour experience and much more.

Attendees will also have a chance to browse the exclusive copy of the RWT book in the library’s collection.


The Reading Room is located inside the CAMHLAB pod near the green X -atrium staircase. If entering the building near the pink neon "Post Market" sign, walk left through the food court until you see the green staircase. For easy access, drive and park past the 713 Music Hall into the market parking lot and enter through the glass doors on the far left. MON -THU, parking is free for the first hour; FRI -SUN for the first 20 minutes.