Presented by Slimagination

Trigger warning is back! Slimagination is back with a Trigger Warning Pop up!

If you missed the trigger warning art show, don’t feel bad! Saturday April 27th you’ll be able see what u missed out on at this pop up.

Slimagination will have all remaining original trigger warning paintings on display! You’ll also be able to purchase a limited amount of merch and prints!

There will be music and food for everyone’s enjoyment! So come out, look at some cool art, meet some cool people and listen to some good music!

Want to get ahead of the curve for the NEXT Slimagination art show in June?

We have packages available NOW with everything you need! Pick a package of your choice to lock in your merch NOW, to ensure you won't miss out on the day of the show!

THESE packages are limited and available for pre-order ONLY untill April 26th!

See y’all there!

Refund Policy

All sales are final and non-transferable. No refunds will be available for this event.