Presented by Bumppp! Records & Better Living Co.

Following a strong 2022 that featured six memorable events, Better Bumppp! returns for it's first installment of 2023, RnBumppp!

First launched in 2018, RnBumppp! is an RnB inspired dance party by Bumppp! Records.

Join us for a night of great music, energy, and drinks as we celebrate life.

Saturday, March 11

Wild Days Rooftop Bar


Love songs by The Good Guys, Ebb King, and Styles Bond

Table reservations available. If interested, please email us.

Better Bumppp! is a party focused on music, community, and wellness brought to you by Bumppp! Records and Better Living Co. Our goal is to create a safe space for all where you can dance, connect with others, shop, discover new music, and just enjoy life.