Presented by Sanman Studios

For the inaugural exhibition in their newly established contemporary art gallery, Sanman Studios presents RMBR, the second solo show of work by Sanman Collective’s artist-in-residence Charles L. Middleton III, popularly known by his moniker REMEMBERCHARLES.  Working primarily in painting, Charles describes himself as an aspiring “alchemist of the arts” with passions stretching beyond the canvas into cinematic, photographic and musical experimentation. Born in San Antonio and raised by an encouraging community of relatives and family friends, Charles developed his passion for creativity. Having spent his childhood drawing, painting came naturally to him. After a transformative HBCU experience at Prairie View A&M University during undergrad, he relocated to Houston in January 2022 to work with Sanman. Following in the footsteps of his father, whose reputation of charisma made a seismic impression on adolescent Charles, the self-taught artist creates with the expressed desire to inspire anyone he comes into contact with. Intimate and thought-provoking conversations sew the seeds of Charles’ artistic vision. The resulting works are usually large-scale and imaginative recreations of his real-life experiences. Stirring portraits of real or imagined figures are situated within sweeping blocks of color. Poetic titles precede the compositions and help set the emotional tone for their creation. Charles’ intricately rendered charcoal drawings and intentionally unfinished oil paintings mirror the incomplete nature of his sitters and their journeys. Forms in his more recent works are reminiscent of the ghostly silhouettes done by Black art pioneers Bill Traylor (1853–1949) and Kara Walker.  As part of his residency with Sanman Collective, Charles’ work has entered more than 10 private collections. RMBR is a snapshot of his development, featuring more than 30 new paintings.  In this presentation, RememberCharles captures the spirits of his community and celebrates an artistic rebirth. The exhibition aims to introduce new people to his world and encourage new ways of seeing and being.