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The SANMAN ACADEMY is officially here! Our first installment will be The Production Playbook | An Interactive Learning Experience guided by Tannis Spencer ( @itsactuallytannis ).

Tannis Spencer leans into her role as the Founder and Principal of the Houston-based, Micole Creative Studios. As an innovative entrepreneur and digital-first native, Tannis has created a boutique creative communication company that "sees and thinks" big-picture storytelling rooted in cultural authenticity.  A true millennial, she combines her years of corporate experience with an ability to develop targeted, fresh and impactful stories that speak to a diverse audience.  Her work has garnered the attention of brands such as Google, Apple, Foot Locker, and Mass Appeal-for whom she has executive produced and directed several commercial branded campaigns. Tannis brings her unique perspective as an African-American woman director to all her projects.  She counts the rarity of her perspective in leadership behind the creative process as an asset to any brand storytelling journey.

The production playbook gives insight to the pre-production process of a photoshoot, forming your creative team, and building your portfolio to market towards larger brands. ✨ Doors open at 1:30pm

The SANMAN ACADEMY program is designed to provide a safe and nurturing environment for young creatives to express their creativity and collaborate in an interactive learning environment with their peers and professional practitioners.