Presented by Leslie Charmaine

Numb & Needs is an EP, that we all need to hear

-You gotta Be Love to Receive Love

And just like in a garden you gotta Seed Love To See Love-

There is power in the tongue and few are able to capture the beauty emerging from within the context of pain like Kass Deuxfois. st. louis/muddy blood waters make me blue- if god can see my story play out/ can they hear it too? if i raise my voice, does the volume transmute? speaking a new world into existence, Separating the branch from the root

Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri during one of the most pivotal and critical periods of world history, Kass uses his vocals to depict a highly accurate setting for the quick southern pace emanating from within the city. His sound is smooth and his wordplay keeps you hitting the ‘rewindʼ button. Kass is etching out his own lane in the canon of St. Louis lyricists and is surely speaking the untold truths many young males are experiencing as they come of age—today, hip hop requires that we do not forget to hold onto the storytelling roots of this divine craft. He is facts In a mirage of fake news and faraway truths

— A King, emerging.