Presented by Laurent

The Lotus Envy Experience is an immersive  wellness event that allows you to escape & explore the power of plant medicine on a healing,soul & cellular level. This majestic retreat is hosted in a Luxury Villa in the beautiful city of  Bel Air, CA

Lotus Envy is a divine Elixir consisting of  a mixture of magic herbs & Egyptian Blue Lotus Flower. The Essence of the Lotus was carefully extracted at the exact time of the Lunar Eclipse/New Moon on 4•20•23 to obtain maximum potency. 


6 Bedroom Healing Oasis with pool, jacuzzi & waterfall• Tree house • Sound bath • Hors D'oeurve Bar • Refreshments •DJ • Elixir/Tea tasting • Reiki Practitioners •  Massage Therapist & live performances. 

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Refund Policy

Refunds are available up to three days before the event.