Presented by The Hussle Lab

There's nothing better than being immersed in that feeling of deep nostalgia.

Sweet, fond memories of times past are sometimes what keeps us going by remembering who we were then, and celebrating who and where we are now.  One of our contributors, Venusian, is turning 31! She's never had a big bash to celebrate a birthday, so this year she decided to host a brunch for the people.

If you were around and outside during the early 2010s then you remember exactly how insane of a time it was for mixtapes, upcoming rappers, and stoners everywhere. We're diving deep into the archives to celebrate Venusian's favorite mixtape of all time; Kush & OJ by Wiz Khalifa

Join us for a brunch of bourgoise, dedicated to the culture, the nostalgia of mixtapes past, and our best baddie, Venusian.  --- Tickets are offer based with a suggested base of $10 which will go towards supplies and refreshments.  BYOBubbly (or amaro), 420 items will be available for purchase, and brunchy refreshments on deck. Gifts are welcomed for the birthday baddie, but not required.