Presented by Cushy Collective

Cushy Collective presents Diaspora Dialogues, a panel and networking mixer for emerging Black creators. Our inaugural event brings together a panel of storytellers and artists who share their personal experiences and offer insights on what it means to create with an authentic voice. We explore ways in which Black creators can harness the power of storytelling to dispel divisive myths, bridge gaps and forge connections within the diaspora.

  • Stick around for the mixer and forge meaningful connections with future collaborators and mentors or simply kiki with fellow creatives over drinks. Good music. Good vibes.

Diaspora Dialogues is proudly hosted by Cushy Collective. We are a grassroots network committed to nurturing the talents and aspirations of emerging Black artists. Our mission is to promote pan-African collaboration in the visual arts by curating safe spaces where artists can develop their craft, showcase work and build community.