Presented by Sanman Company

In De Wallen the walls have been hallowed and fed infrared.  The excess is hurled onto the streets and feeds the fiends… I am among them.  One of them.  All of us here for the same thing—inspiration.  Illumination found within a pit.  The dark side of the moon.  A sealed tomb.  This open wound that oozes red.  Through eyes bloodshot we register assets of various beauties.  Their duty—to stay vigilant in waning light.  And there are so many of them—each fulfilling a different desire.  Who do you require?  An indigo man yearning for nirvana?  A woman plagued with fragmented sense of self?  A man soaked in blood who cries for mercy?  And if unsure of your preference, there exists spaces marred by abstraction—furnished only with emotion, color and geometry.  In De Wallen, your wildest dream will come true.  But who fulfills your fantasy?  It is time to choose.

The opening night exhibition will be sponsored by Crown Royal.