Presented by Diaspora Comedy

Comedy Block Brunch: A Celebration of Culture, Laughter, and Cuisine! Get ready for a Sunday filled with laughter and cultural celebration at the Comedy Block Brunch this Sunday, April 28th! Hosted by Diaspora Comedy.

What’s On the Menu? Purchase an array of brunch favorites, and keep a look out for the signature chicken and waffles. Let's not forget the bottomless mimosas to keep the spirits high and the laughs flowing! (Brunch and Mimosas sold separately) 

Experience Diaspora Comedy: At Diaspora Comedy, every show is more than just a set of jokes; it's an adventure. Our comedians delve into the heart of diaspora experiences—from the quirks of dual identities to the delights of cultural fusion. Each story and punchline is a celebration of diversity, offering a comedic lens to appreciate the beauty in our differences.

Join Us at Comedy Block Brunch Bring your appetite for food, drinks, and humor, and let’s make memories that will last far beyond the last bite and the final punchline :)

Refund Policy

All sales are final and non-transferable. No refunds will be available for this event.